• SUBURBINALE Filmfestival

    May 3-7, 2023
    Stadtsaal Gross-Enzersdorf

The „SUBURBINALE“ is the only filmfestival worldwide focusing on international film productions reflecting the challenges and chances of suburban life.

We have recived over 200 submissions from 30 countries!

Thank you!

We are located in the eastern suburbs of Vienna/Austria, where the nationalpark „Donauauen“ emerges from the city´s borders. This is also the gateway to Austria´s biggest vegetable garden – the Marchfeld.

Even though the area offers culture, wide open spaces and a vast variety of freshly grown fruits and vegetables – literally in the backyard – people tend to head towards the city. This situation is no particular case, it occurs in nearly every periphery around the world. People drive downtown for working and return in the evening for sleeping.

We want to foster a culture of co-thinking new ways of creating visions in fast changing environments!


Safe the date


May 3-7, 2023


Gross-Enzersdorf is located in the eastern suburbs of Vienna/Austria, only 17km from the historical city center.

Easily accessible with public transport from Vienna International Airport or Central Train Station.

Nearest underground station U2 „Aspernstrasse„, connecting bus 26A to Gross-Enzersdorf.


Join the festival and book your accommodation in our village. For further information contact the festival office. Some points of interest you can find here.



The former local cinema was closed more than 30 years ago and is now a supermarket. Austria ́s only (!) drive-in-cinema closed in 2015. Times are changing and so does our environment. BUT instead of complaining, we want to create and inspire! This is why we decided to organize the SUBURBINALE.

The 4th SUBURBINALE, the only international Filmfestival focusing on challenges and chances in suburbs, will be accommodated in the eastern suburbs of Vienna in Groß-Enzersdorf.


The festival is funded by the province of Lower Austria

and kindly supported by the community of Gross-Enzersdorf!



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April 2023


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April 2023


Georg Vogt & Moritz Jahoda